OUR Team



Christos Kritikos (CEO)

Christos Kritikos is a California-based technologist and dreamer who loves to “connect the dots” between market, design and engineering. He has participated in several companies, consulted for dozens of clients, and ran numerous tech projects defining strategy, designing solutions and leading engineers, creative teams, marketing campaigns, and operations. His education includes a M.S. in Computer Science and certifications in Design Thinking, Product Management, Brand Management and Product Marketing. He is passionate about products and services that enhance our life in fields like health and wellness, education, agriculture, economic development, travel, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and lifestyle.

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Michalis Faloutsos (CMO)

Dr. Faloutsos is a professor at University of California, Riverside (UCR) in Computer Science and co-founder of Programize LLC. Dr. Faloutsos pioneered the use of graph-based techniques to model network topologies (ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time award) and computer network phenomena and recently used graph-based methods to capture the social behavior of online users and to infer user preferences. Dr. Faloutsos has also extensive entrepreneurial experience, building successful companies (StopTheHacker was acquired by Cloudflare Inc in 2014), and enabling entrepreneurship as a teacher (UCR CS 175 a 4 unit class) and with his role of Director of Entrepreneurship at UCR.


Humbert Quesada   Product Manager

Humbert Quesada

Product Manager


Dylan O’Neill   Back End Developer

Dylan O’Neill

Back End Developer

Jorge Flores   Front End Developer

Jorge Flores

Front End Developer

Richard Heng   Front End Developer

Richard Heng

Front End Developer



Vagelis Papalexakis

Dr. Papalexakis is a Professor at UCR in CS, and a world-class expert in data mining and tensor analysis. Specifically, he is a pioneer in designing algorithms for scalable and interpretable mining of multi-modal data using tensor decompositions and applications. His work has received two best paper awards and his PhD dissertation was the runner-up for the 2017 SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Kalina Michalska

Dr. Michalska is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the UCR and director of the Kids Interaction and Neuro-Development (KIND) Lab. PI Michalska is an expert on the neural bases of emotion understanding in psychopathology, and in functional and structural neuroimaging and psychophysiological techniques. She is one of the leading developmental neuroscientists on concurrent collection and integration of autonomic and hemodynamic measures. Her work has received awards from the Society of Research in Child Development, the Presley Center for Juvenile Justice and the UC Academic Senate.